10" Portable Tablet Touch Screen POS System (inc. Stand) from $699
15" Station Touch Screen POS System from $999

POS Software (No Monthly Fee)
Single Station Version Only $449
Multi-Station Version (Up to 5 Terminals) Only $898
One Time Purchase, No Monthly Renewal Fees

Thermal Receipt Printer (80mm USB/Ethernet) from $279
Thermal Label Printer (60mm USB/Ethernet) from $279

Cash Drawer
Automatic Cash Drawer (4 Bills or 5 Bills) from $99

Onsite Installation and Training (Metro Only) from $199


CDS - Customer Display Monitor (inc Stand) from $499
Display price and item information to your customer

KPS - Kitchen Printing Thermal Printer (inc. Installation) from $399
Print order items to kitchen to prepare from an order

LPS - Label Printing Thermal Printer (inc. Installation) from $399
Print label to order item (for bubble tea shop)

Local Server from $599
Strongly recommend for Multi Devices system

KDS - Kitchen Display 15" Touch Screen (inc. Software) from $999
Let your cooking staff know what to prepare from an order

Portable - Table Ordering 10" Touch Tablet (inc. Stand) from $699
Take order at the table in your restaurant

Barcode Scanner with Stand (USB) from $79
Omni Desktop Scanner (USB) from $199

Thermal Receipt Paper (24 Rolls) from $55

Restaurant Guest Paging Calling System (inc. 16 Pager) from $399

CAS PD-II Electronic commercial use scale (Serial/USB) from $799

NMI Certificate for Scale Calibration from $150

Custom Form from $149
For businesses that need custom form for their invoicing or receipt, we can tailor them to suit.
Including logo and any extra fields as needed for a once off charge.

Menu Setup from $199
For business that need menu setup, categories and add products up to 100 items into POS system.